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Sony FX9

The new Sony FX9 is a great new full frame (large sensor) camera in their Cinema line-up that builds on the success of the F5 and FS7 and adds new creative options and looks. 

The 2 big differences between this camera and the F5 are that it has a larger size 6k sensor which allows for even shallower depth of field shooting (more out of focus backgrounds) and a really lovely new in-camera look option called S-Cinetone that is based on the Sony Venice camera look

Find out more about the capabilities of the FX9 here


Sony FX6

The FX6 is also full frame and can record up to 120 frames per second in 4k, and is small enough to mount easily on a gimbal.  And with it’s dual base iso of 800/12800 it can prettty much see in the dark with almost no noise. It can up to 120fps in 4K, and Raw with the Shogun 7 recorder and is the latest addition to the Sony Cinema line. 

The S-Cinetone look in both these cameras is a real game changer and takes advantage of the incredible new colour science which delivers beautiful skin tones, and is a ready to broadcast look, that allows for more grading and highlight recovery than previous camera settings when not shooting Log. These cameras really do deliver in every area of production. Find out a bit more about S-Cinetone by watching this short video

Sony F5

The Sony F5 is still a standard in TV production and maintains the highest standards of 4k production with capabilities to shoot for live TV, or log for documentary or graded productions. We particularly love the 709A look that keeps an immense amount of highlight detail but is much more straightforward and faster to grade than shooting Log. The F5 also does slow motion up to 180 frames per second.

We own Canon and Zeiss Cine primes, beautiful T2 Sigma cine zooms the Canon cine CN7 cine zoom lens – an amazing lens that lets you be reactive with an F5 but keeping a filmic look and feel. We also have GoPro Karma, GoPros, 17″monitors, video senders, and a huge variety of lighting and green screen to cover whatever you need. Just give us a call and we’ll be delighted to help